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Basically all I can say about tonight is: Fucking papers. God damn papers. And Lol. The hamster and the man have finally met.

Yes. Yes they did.
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Woo, go Kaylyn, Steve, and Jess! Its your birfday.

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Haha. You have no idea what went on. So perhaps you should shut your mouth and leave me be.

So right now I am going through my CDs and trying to organize everything. I have to clean the entire basement tonight, no matter how late I have to stay up. While cleaning I am also packing, which needs to be done before the end of Saturday anyways. Jamie can move in early so he is, so I have to help him. Well I don't have to help him, its just the nice thing to do.\

So tomorrow is the party. Its starts at 2 in case people didn't hear me say that. Most people are coming later then that though, so no worries about getting there late. Call me if you need any directions.

I should probably clean. *sighs*
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So Sunday was Jordan's graduation party. Much fun to be had there. I got a lot of compliments. =D Especially from Jeff. 0_o I also made Jordan take his first shot of liquor in the meanest way possible.

Me: "Jordan if you don't take this double shot and I do, you are going to be made into a pussy by your ex-girlfriend."

Oh, he took that shot baby. And then I walked around the party with the raspberry smirnoff vodka I brought and gave random NQPWF (aka the backyard wrestlers) shots. I met Becca (again) and found out that she knows how to fillet fish. Oh yeah, chicks who can do that rock hard.

Also, being in the basement with Erik and his girlfriend Jan was WEIRD. As Erik stated...

Erik: "Carol, I never thought this would happen. Out of the 3 years I've known you we have spoken about 2 sentences."

Werd Erik, you wise one.

Wednesday Jamie and I were both off so the whole family celebrated Mr.Mauro's birthday. 2 weeks late. Whoops. We got him a bunch of CDs. I got chided into eating ice cream cake but I refused to back down. I win!

There is a cricket in the basement that won't shut up and it is driving me CRAZY! AHHHHHH!

I love driving around with Jamie, shooting the shit. Its very relaxing and theraputic. "I fucking hate that bitch!" And also very, very amusing.

Jordan introduced me as his best friend at the party. It made me smile for the rest of the night. I'm fine with having two guys who have seen me naked as my best friends. We have nothing to hide from each other, right? *bundum chis*

Last Wednesday Kaylyn, Danielle, Jess and I went to New Rochelle to see Steve's band Blanco Nino play. They did pretty weel, even though Steve messed up a little. It was fun. Oh! And Jeff's band Killdozer played at Jordan's house. I guess I really do have a bad habit of meshing my friends together.

I need to get out of this basement before I go apeshit on this cricket.
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Not that you'll see this or anything. =p;
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List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your Livejournal along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to.

1. "Hey Jealousy" - The Gin Blossoms
2. "Groove is in the Heart" -Deee-lite
3. "Ordinary World" -Duran Duran
4. "Locomotive Breath" -Jethro Tull
5. "Fell in Love With a Boy" -Joss Stone
6. "Message in a Bottle" -The Police
7. "Dead Girls" -Voltaire

1. Jordan
2. Matt
3. Lia
4. Jen
5. Sable
6. Natalie
7. Lowell
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Happy Birthday Jill!

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Ron Glass, Shepherd Book from Firefly, did the voice of Randy Carmichael from Rugrats.

I knew he sounded familiar.
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of not being entertained by Purchase shows?


      Then go see

Funeral Games



Friday, Saturday at 8pm

General Admission, $3.00 With Student ID.


“All classes are criminal
today.  We live in an age of

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1. Go here.
2. Pass it on.
my answers )

And you my dear will never be removed from my friend's list. Rest in peace my dear.
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Oh man, I am channeling something only Natalie Rose Apar can understand. I am excited to go back to school for once reason, and one reason alone. I get to organize my school books and write with pretty pens and pencils. Now I only have to get more pretty pens and pencils.

I'm dreading a lot of other things. Mainly Purchase itself. After fighting, AGAIN, with financial aid I am about to explode in anger. I probably will get charged 30 bucks and lose my classes due to my extreme GOOD luck.


I sometimes hate my place in life a bit too much. OK, understatement. But still, I HATE the feeling of being blamed. I hate the feeling of not being cared for for absolutly no reason. Or reasons that I actually have nothing to do with.

This babble, as usual, makes no sense to anyone but me. Oh well.

I need to buy some of those glad disposable tupperwear things. Or rather, ones that could be disposeable but I will reuse since I am a cheap, smart college student.




Kaylyn is quite a fun person to talk to. Yes, yes. I get to crash...I mean drive her car. I need to get my license so I can drive my car. GAHH LAST GOAL TO COMPLETE. I wish I had more time this summer. Otherwise I would have been able to get my driving lessons. Oh well, I'll just have to get them at Purchase.

So today was my last day at work at Price Chopper. Everyone wants me to come back for winter break. Its possible when I visit for Christmas that I'll work. I like money.

Jeff gave me his home phone and PC number for recommendations. YAY!

So from tonight till Friday or Saturday I'm going to be at my sister's house. I'm cat sitting while my sister and her fiancee are in Maine on vacation before they both go back to teaching. So I get paid 50 bucks to shove pills down one of my sister's cat's throat and feed them and the birds. Not bad.


I mean, I'm not becoming obssessed. I'm not going to spend my day online and exercising now that I have the time. Haha. Loser.

Oh Thuy, I will miss you.

"I'll put all of them into box."
"Yeah! B-O-X-S!"
" Thuy."
"Oh yeah."

Silly Vietnamese. They don't have plurals.

"7 minute!"

Oh Carlton, shake that groove thing.

Well Purchase has cable TV, internet and better cell phone reception. I can't compain there.

I bought always pads and tweezers for 1.80. Oh coupons, I love you so.

You know, if you have to CONSTANTLY comment on something it usually means that you either aren't truly that way and wish you were or you truly doubt you are.

I get to go to the Chinese buffet on Thursday. Its with my mom so we will see how it goes but still, snow crab!

Did I mention that I love laptops? GOD DAMN YOU VIRGINA AND NOT LETTING ME GET A 50 BUCK IBOOK! But my PC is too cool for school so whatever. BLUE. BLUUUEE! I just need to get a DVD burner and reformat so it runs at its fullest. Which means I need to find my 2k CD. Or steal it from Jords.

Alright, enough Carol. No more babbling. Too many websties to see that you usually can't.
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Survey thing stolen from Hal: )

So today I got some things accomplished! Yay! All over the phone too. I hate calling people I don't know. But I got things done and now my to do list is like, tiny as all hell. Oh so proud.

Jordan and I talked. It was cool. Found out I have a check waiting at his house for me. Hotness.

Wow, you still think I'm talking about that? I'm not, I hate to tell you. In fact I haven't really thought about you in months. And the times I did were because I was asked questions about high school. You really aren't that missed. I thought you would be, but you aren't. Its funny that going from one place to another can do that to you. College tends to move people too far away from the past. I suppose this time it was for the better. And haha. Not really.

Anywho tomorrow I get my paycheck. Soon I get my checks from the bank. Silly me forgot to call them today. Always tomorrow morning. Once I get those I get to send out my credit card payment from DOOOOOMMM. I already paid my cell phone bill, so yay! I wonder if Jamie called mima and pop pop, hrm.


Neesh, you've made me...kinda...LIKE Coheed. WHAT THE FUCK!? AHHHHH! My world is destroyed.

Auuuggguuuussstttttt 22nd. Long Island. In your home and bed. Haha. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Then Purch-ass. Alumni Village will be CONTROLLED. BWAHAHAHAHA. I'm going to have to tell Laura and Jeanne to keep it down with their loud ass SEX.


"Jeanne, you'll have to warm your buns somewhere else."
"Hey Carol! Foreman Foreplay."

Never leave me in my sister's house with Jeanne on the phone. You'll end up with disturbing sexual innuendo about my George Forman. =/

I can tell my mom is home because I hear the noises of things breaking. =/
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That is all.

P.S.-I WILL sic my lobster army after you. I shall not fly under you, poor retarded soul.



Yo Jeanne, I dunno if I can go to the dinner party. I probably have to work. I need to train my lobster army. I WILL EAT THE WEAKLINGS till I EXPLODE.

Totally cooler then you, as usual.

P.S.-TOOT TOOT- 25lbs bitches. I rock!
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I just have one thing to say...oh I wish.


I need to change some things now, I think. Thanks for just constantly fucking me over. Thanks for being fake. And best of all, thanks for not being friends. That is the END of being used by you guys. END. Fuck the empty promises. Fuck me being blamed for everything. I'm not having it anymore. I will NOT live with this guilt. Especially with guilt when I've done NOTHING wrong. It is not my fault that you guys cannot accept responsibility for ANYTHING. FUCK THAT SHIT! I think Kaylyn was right and what she did is what I need to do. I'm pulling away. She did it and they didn't even notice. I guarentee they won't notice with me either.

Oh Kaylyn is gonna have a fun phone call with me...Nothing like bitching about seafood and rite aid customers and your "friends." Oh and knowing that they lied to her and didn't even bother telling me about the situation. Bravo.

Besides this bullshit things have gone really well. Certain aspects of my GI problems are popping up (or out) and are quite irritating. I'm dealing with it though. Might lead to surgery, yay! Need to get to a doctor though.

I spent time on Long Island. The 3rd through the 6th to be exact. Hung out with cool people. Saw Natalie, WHB Dan, Jess, Danielle, Kaylyn, Jamie, Jeff, Jordan, Brendan, Lindsey, the Eilberts, the Mauros, the Hubbards, the Langs, Commack Dan, and I think thats it. Saw Earth Wind and Fire and Chicago in Concert . Got the Sims 2. Watched as my ex boyfriend touched another girls boob. 0_0 Kaylyn hit on me! Jamie and I hung around basically. I definitely enjoy Long Island people more then any others. Jords and I sorted some shit out which rocked. That night sucked but that sorted itself out too. Things with rational people tend to. I was sad though, I didn't get to meet Cara. She's just like Jords in the fact that she's just as damn forgetful as he is. Saw Land of the Dead. That was cool. ZOMBIE GUTS!

I bitched slapped Natalie. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT!?!? NOTHINGGGGG!! Oh and she totally hit on me too. It was because of no lesiban zombie sex. Yuh huh.

Tomorrow after work I'm going over my sister's house and sleeping over and probably talking about sex and drugs. That seems to be our recent convos.

Carol: Dee you did Cocaine, SHUT UP.

Speaking of my sister she visited me at work today. The next two days should be fun. Sleep overs are fun. *nods* Aug 23rd I get to see tori amos for 15 bucks thanks to my sister. I'm dragging Jamie eventhough he's scared of the lesbians. Haha.

My mother and I have gotten along quite well this summer. I'm just going to let it happen. Its been nice and I've enjoyed it. I guess I really am learning how to pay more attention to those that matter and less to those that don't. Well, not without fits of digust first that is.

Scholarship stuff soon I hope. I get to talk to Kathy about it tomorrow. I also get to do my laundry and go to the post office too. All before the bus to work at 9:30 and work at 10:30. w00t. =/ We'll see how it goes.

I worked a 13 hr day yesterday, I r special. And still slightly braindead if you can't tell. Oh yeah.

And now off to watch TKR and sleep. Dammit Lindsey I want FIREFLY.
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