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So yeah, givin' up on people is hard to dooooo. If Kaylyn read this piece she'd know what I bes talkin' about. Y0.

Calling those bitches at Purchase tomorrow. I no wanna have to pay money to them. They steal enough as is. But we won't go too far into that.

I'm on Long Island. I'm having sex....I mean chillin' out with people on Tuesday. I've got more people to call about that. Today is Eilberts/Mauro funnage. I get to meet my ex boyfriends' new piece o' ass. And I'm excited about it. I mean, I have no plans to steal her from him and then leave him with Jamie. NONE! STOP ACCUSING ME DAMMIT!

I've lost 15 pounds. I'm quite proud of myself. I'm half way there!!! Week two of the loverly atkin's diet. My cell phone is dead and that sucks a lot.

I got two very cool phone calls recently. One from Danielle and one from Jen Carlo! I r teh cools. Danielle, you are one retarded vegitarian. WHAT VEGGIE EATER WORKS IN A DELI!?!?!?! Oh and Jen and I like talking about glittery lube far too much. We are on crack. Oh you veggie eaters bring out the worst in me!

Jamie has lost like, 30 pounds. We are the weight loosing duo. Hottnessssss!!!

I saw Earth, Wind and Fire and Chicago in concert yesterday. An old man sitting next to me stared at my boobs. People were smokin' up during Chicago's set. Ahhh, rock n' roll. Jones beach food prices are RIDONKULOUS! 5.00 bucks for a bottle of water. I'll only pay that if it comes with a pot o' gold and my own personal rainbow.

I've definitly changed over this summer. Or rather, changed back to the me I like better. More self respect and I'm stronger. Much stronger. I notice that things don't really affect me as much as they used to. I seem to have a different air about me. I'm not as meek as I was. I'll just have to wait and see if it lasts.

All right. I should probably get out of PJs and into clothing considering people could come at any moment.
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One of those silly things done to procrastinate. X the ones you've seen, bold the ones you recommend. )

Edit: There is this weird ass movie on TV. Its set in Troy, NY and they just said "23 Hoosick St, please." Don't even ask why I am so entertained.

Edit #2: OMG!!!!!! They are now in a country bar thing and they are country dancing and she goes to her friend "Ok, this is upstate New York, not Texas."


This is apparently the movie. Hah.
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Ben & Jerry's Westchester Mall
125 Westchester Ave.
White Plains, NY 10601
Map it!
Join Us for Free Cone Day (April 19th)

This plus free cake at coldstone on the 25th (at least I think the 25th)? Oh man. Here comes the fat!
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The end.
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Hrm, good job at changing yourself to fit in. If thats what you consider adapting to your surroundings then I find you hilarious.

I rethink some of your prior actions toward me. And the idea of it being true SICKENS me to a point I don't want to even think of. Not because of the way you are but the fact that you seem to want to do and be everything near me or involved with me. Yes, I am having an ego ladies and gentlemen and I am damn proud of it.

In other news I will have a new layout soon. What of, I don't know yet. But I shall for sheer boredom and procrastination.

I also caved and got a facebook. I've had myspace for a while. But at least I can say that I never got friendster. I rock like that? Or not.

Culture Shock/Vulture Cock this weekend. Basically a giant concert with food and rides and fun. Anyone want to come? I can get guess passes and places for people to sleep.

Also the opera is this weekend. I don't really expect anyone to want to come and see it because it is just me singing in a group backstage but it is a good opera. Dialogue of the Carmelites if you want to know. Also, want to come let me know and I'll find you a place to crash.

Next weekend is singing at a church in White Plains. Dvorak (sp?) mass in D. Its a pretty piece.

Next week is also first edition week. I'm staff. How fun.

Tomorrow is New Rochelle, taxes, three classes, and talking to Prof Gaudio. I love that man.
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I forgot to update with this... )

Yes, that would be me with Hugh Jackman. You know, Peter Allen from "The Boy from Oz"? No. -_- How about Wolverine from the X-men movies? Yeah, thought so.

Edit: Damn Wayward son being stuck in my head. And damn me for not doing work like I should be. I didn't LARP tonight just so I could do my work.

Damn prog rock in general. Shh, I didn't say that.

"Don't you cry no more!!!!!!" Oh man...

OH! And I downloaded Salif Keita. *bounces* I mean, I'm not a weirdo. I like Theater and Performance in Africa WAY too much. But I can't help it, Prof Gaudio rocks my socks! *blushes*

Ok, enough geekyness for one night...
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I can't wait to see how you feel when someone abandons you. Oh wait, you are already feeling how I felt and now you don't like it. Oh, well then. Good for you. Its nice to see you get a taste of your own medicine.

Its sad that I'm happy over these things. Quite sad indeed.

Last night was alright. Saw Matt, Dan, Jen, Kat, Joe, and Hannah. It was nice. I also saw the Green Bird. Good play, good good play.

I hate going to play though. They bring something out in me that I dunno if I can follow through with. That constant thought of "Hrm...I want to do that" or even the occassional "I can do that." But could I really? Could I really follow all the way through and do it? Who knows really. But I guess it doesn't hurt to try.

So maybe I will declare a Drama Studies major with a minor in psychology and anthropology. Or even double major in anthro and d.s. Blah, I'm too indecisive. If I could just make my mind up I could just go on and get things accomplished.

I just slept all day. No joke, ALL DAY. It is horrible! Especially since I had things I wanted to get done. Grr. Whatever, I can get them done either way. Only having a 10:10 and a 3:30 tomorrow is nice. I heart Gordon going to Columbia for the day.

I have to call Jeff tomorrow. I have to call Jeff tomorrow. I have to call Jeff tomorrow. I have to call Jeff tomorrow. I have to callJeff tomorrow. I have to call Jeff tomorrow. I have to call Jeff tomorrow. I have to call Jeff tomorrow. I have to call Jeff tomorrow.

Did you get that I have to call Jeff tomorrow? I NEED my hours!

Bleh, enough of you crappy LJ. Time to get Jamie to stop being a lazy fuck.
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Ugh, SK sometimes I really hate you. Boobs, sometimes I really hate you too. Much dislike for certain things as well. or rather, reaction to things. Not that it isn't warrented for certian reasons I won't go into.

Damn internet.
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C is for Colorful
A is for Adaptable
R is for Rich
U is for Unusual
H is for Healthy

Boredom, wee. I fucking hate the mall. Ran out of that place as fast as I could. Ended up not getting anything I wanted because I hated it there. Jamie and I are going back tomorrow. Ugh.
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I'm still on Long Island. I hate my mother. The end.

P.S.- I'll fill you fuckers in later.
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I heart it muchly.
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I was contemplating not writing this entry. I thought that maybe it would stir up too much shit and just would be worth it to me. But when you are lying in bed thinking "Man, I really wish I could say this right now" you know its time to just say it and get it over with. I'm not trying to hurt anyone nor am I trying to create shit. I'm basically trying to explain myself because I am sick and tired of being blamed for everything. I'm just hoping certain people are reading this right now.

And by that I mean Jasmine and Rajiv. I'm not going to lie, this is going to pretty much be a detailed letter to the two of you on a public space. This post is going to be public and anyone can comment on it. This way, everyone can see what I said, what I mean, and can retort if they please. I'd do all this in person (and granted still will) but I don't really interact with either of you much anymore.

So I guess here we go:

Jasmine )

Rajiv )

Jasmine and Rajiv )

And that is it. I suppose let the firing squad commence?
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Quiz )



P.S.-Large update later.
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I wish boys didn't take such long shits. I'm supposed to be hubbing it up dammit! Stupid face...

I'm frightened that you could even know. Or figure it out. Or perhaps you had a little help. Who knows?

I want my computer with my music and my stuff. But then again, I'll be having a love affair with it this break anyways so what is the point. I cheated a little today by hanging out in my room. CAROL IN BIG HAUS!?!?!?!

He's done! Yay!
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Happy Birthday Natalie!

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Happy Birthday Neesh!

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