Aug. 3rd, 2006

caruh: (Smell the crazy)
So Sunday was Jordan's graduation party. Much fun to be had there. I got a lot of compliments. =D Especially from Jeff. 0_o I also made Jordan take his first shot of liquor in the meanest way possible.

Me: "Jordan if you don't take this double shot and I do, you are going to be made into a pussy by your ex-girlfriend."

Oh, he took that shot baby. And then I walked around the party with the raspberry smirnoff vodka I brought and gave random NQPWF (aka the backyard wrestlers) shots. I met Becca (again) and found out that she knows how to fillet fish. Oh yeah, chicks who can do that rock hard.

Also, being in the basement with Erik and his girlfriend Jan was WEIRD. As Erik stated...

Erik: "Carol, I never thought this would happen. Out of the 3 years I've known you we have spoken about 2 sentences."

Werd Erik, you wise one.

Wednesday Jamie and I were both off so the whole family celebrated Mr.Mauro's birthday. 2 weeks late. Whoops. We got him a bunch of CDs. I got chided into eating ice cream cake but I refused to back down. I win!

There is a cricket in the basement that won't shut up and it is driving me CRAZY! AHHHHHH!

I love driving around with Jamie, shooting the shit. Its very relaxing and theraputic. "I fucking hate that bitch!" And also very, very amusing.

Jordan introduced me as his best friend at the party. It made me smile for the rest of the night. I'm fine with having two guys who have seen me naked as my best friends. We have nothing to hide from each other, right? *bundum chis*

Last Wednesday Kaylyn, Danielle, Jess and I went to New Rochelle to see Steve's band Blanco Nino play. They did pretty weel, even though Steve messed up a little. It was fun. Oh! And Jeff's band Killdozer played at Jordan's house. I guess I really do have a bad habit of meshing my friends together.

I need to get out of this basement before I go apeshit on this cricket.


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