Jul. 12th, 2005

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I just have one thing to say...oh I wish.


I need to change some things now, I think. Thanks for just constantly fucking me over. Thanks for being fake. And best of all, thanks for not being friends. That is the END of being used by you guys. END. Fuck the empty promises. Fuck me being blamed for everything. I'm not having it anymore. I will NOT live with this guilt. Especially with guilt when I've done NOTHING wrong. It is not my fault that you guys cannot accept responsibility for ANYTHING. FUCK THAT SHIT! I think Kaylyn was right and what she did is what I need to do. I'm pulling away. She did it and they didn't even notice. I guarentee they won't notice with me either.

Oh Kaylyn is gonna have a fun phone call with me...Nothing like bitching about seafood and rite aid customers and your "friends." Oh and knowing that they lied to her and didn't even bother telling me about the situation. Bravo.

Besides this bullshit things have gone really well. Certain aspects of my GI problems are popping up (or out) and are quite irritating. I'm dealing with it though. Might lead to surgery, yay! Need to get to a doctor though.

I spent time on Long Island. The 3rd through the 6th to be exact. Hung out with cool people. Saw Natalie, WHB Dan, Jess, Danielle, Kaylyn, Jamie, Jeff, Jordan, Brendan, Lindsey, the Eilberts, the Mauros, the Hubbards, the Langs, Commack Dan, and I think thats it. Saw Earth Wind and Fire and Chicago in Concert . Got the Sims 2. Watched as my ex boyfriend touched another girls boob. 0_0 Kaylyn hit on me! Jamie and I hung around basically. I definitely enjoy Long Island people more then any others. Jords and I sorted some shit out which rocked. That night sucked but that sorted itself out too. Things with rational people tend to. I was sad though, I didn't get to meet Cara. She's just like Jords in the fact that she's just as damn forgetful as he is. Saw Land of the Dead. That was cool. ZOMBIE GUTS!

I bitched slapped Natalie. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT!?!? NOTHINGGGGG!! Oh and she totally hit on me too. It was because of no lesiban zombie sex. Yuh huh.

Tomorrow after work I'm going over my sister's house and sleeping over and probably talking about sex and drugs. That seems to be our recent convos.

Carol: Dee you did Cocaine, SHUT UP.

Speaking of my sister she visited me at work today. The next two days should be fun. Sleep overs are fun. *nods* Aug 23rd I get to see tori amos for 15 bucks thanks to my sister. I'm dragging Jamie eventhough he's scared of the lesbians. Haha.

My mother and I have gotten along quite well this summer. I'm just going to let it happen. Its been nice and I've enjoyed it. I guess I really am learning how to pay more attention to those that matter and less to those that don't. Well, not without fits of digust first that is.

Scholarship stuff soon I hope. I get to talk to Kathy about it tomorrow. I also get to do my laundry and go to the post office too. All before the bus to work at 9:30 and work at 10:30. w00t. =/ We'll see how it goes.

I worked a 13 hr day yesterday, I r special. And still slightly braindead if you can't tell. Oh yeah.

And now off to watch TKR and sleep. Dammit Lindsey I want FIREFLY.


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