Jul. 4th, 2005

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So yeah, givin' up on people is hard to dooooo. If Kaylyn read this piece she'd know what I bes talkin' about. Y0.

Calling those bitches at Purchase tomorrow. I no wanna have to pay money to them. They steal enough as is. But we won't go too far into that.

I'm on Long Island. I'm having sex....I mean chillin' out with people on Tuesday. I've got more people to call about that. Today is Eilberts/Mauro funnage. I get to meet my ex boyfriends' new piece o' ass. And I'm excited about it. I mean, I have no plans to steal her from him and then leave him with Jamie. NONE! STOP ACCUSING ME DAMMIT!

I've lost 15 pounds. I'm quite proud of myself. I'm half way there!!! Week two of the loverly atkin's diet. My cell phone is dead and that sucks a lot.

I got two very cool phone calls recently. One from Danielle and one from Jen Carlo! I r teh cools. Danielle, you are one retarded vegitarian. WHAT VEGGIE EATER WORKS IN A DELI!?!?!?! Oh and Jen and I like talking about glittery lube far too much. We are on crack. Oh you veggie eaters bring out the worst in me!

Jamie has lost like, 30 pounds. We are the weight loosing duo. Hottnessssss!!!

I saw Earth, Wind and Fire and Chicago in concert yesterday. An old man sitting next to me stared at my boobs. People were smokin' up during Chicago's set. Ahhh, rock n' roll. Jones beach food prices are RIDONKULOUS! 5.00 bucks for a bottle of water. I'll only pay that if it comes with a pot o' gold and my own personal rainbow.

I've definitly changed over this summer. Or rather, changed back to the me I like better. More self respect and I'm stronger. Much stronger. I notice that things don't really affect me as much as they used to. I seem to have a different air about me. I'm not as meek as I was. I'll just have to wait and see if it lasts.

All right. I should probably get out of PJs and into clothing considering people could come at any moment.


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