Apr. 14th, 2005

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Hrm, good job at changing yourself to fit in. If thats what you consider adapting to your surroundings then I find you hilarious.

I rethink some of your prior actions toward me. And the idea of it being true SICKENS me to a point I don't want to even think of. Not because of the way you are but the fact that you seem to want to do and be everything near me or involved with me. Yes, I am having an ego ladies and gentlemen and I am damn proud of it.

In other news I will have a new layout soon. What of, I don't know yet. But I shall for sheer boredom and procrastination.

I also caved and got a facebook. I've had myspace for a while. But at least I can say that I never got friendster. I rock like that? Or not.

Culture Shock/Vulture Cock this weekend. Basically a giant concert with food and rides and fun. Anyone want to come? I can get guess passes and places for people to sleep.

Also the opera is this weekend. I don't really expect anyone to want to come and see it because it is just me singing in a group backstage but it is a good opera. Dialogue of the Carmelites if you want to know. Also, want to come let me know and I'll find you a place to crash.

Next weekend is singing at a church in White Plains. Dvorak (sp?) mass in D. Its a pretty piece.

Next week is also first edition week. I'm staff. How fun.

Tomorrow is New Rochelle, taxes, three classes, and talking to Prof Gaudio. I love that man.


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